Booking Meetings: Scheduling Hiring Manager Interviews in Beamery

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As a recruiter, scheduling meetings for hiring manager interviews can be time-consuming and tedious. Not anymore! 

Now, with Booking Meetings in Beamery, you can invite candidates to book meetings directly in a hiring manager’s calendar. You’ll share the hiring manager’s available time slots and then candidates will self-serve, choosing a slot that works for them, making the process easy and efficient.

Adding a Hiring Manager’s Calendar to Beamery

In order to give Beamery the necessary permissions to automatically schedule events on your hiring manager’s calendar when a meeting is booked by a candidate, you will need to connect their calendar with Beamery in Settings.

In Settings, navigate to ‘Email Permissions’ (1) under ‘Email Settings’, and click the ‘Add email address’ (2) button in the top right-hand corner of the page. 


Then, enter the email address associated with your hiring manager’s calendar into the email address field (3), check the box for Calendar Access (4), and click the ‘Authenticate’ button.


You will next be taken to the email provider’s login screen to authorize this access. You will need your hiring manager to authorize this access by inputting their email password here. 

Once your hiring manager has authorized access, you will see that their email address is present on the email permissions, and will show as ‘Running’, with a checkmark in the ‘Calendar Access’ column. 



Creating an Availability Page for your Hiring Manager

Once you have connected Beamery to your Hiring Manager’s calendar, you will need to create an Availability Page to allow candidates to book time on the hiring manager’s calendar. Availability Pages are created and edited from within the Campaign Builder, so you’ll need to start this process by creating a new campaign. 

To create a new campaign, navigate to the Marketing module (1), and click ‘Add Campaign’ (2).


Then, give your campaign a name (3), and select the most relevant campaign type (4). We recommend using a Dynamic campaign, as this will allow you to add candidates on an ad hoc basis, as well as use a recipe to add candidates to the campaign automatically. Once you have done this, click the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right-hand corner to be taken to the campaign builder. 


In the campaign builder, click the ‘Insert’ button (5), and choose ‘Calendar Availability’ (6) from the menu that appears. 


Then, use the dropdown to select the Hiring Manager’s calendar (7), and click the “Create Availability Page”  button (8).


Finally, give the Availability Page a name (9), and fill in the meeting specifics (10). Click the Create & Insert’ button when you’re done, to insert a button linking to this page into your campaign message.



Creating and Sending the Campaign Message

In the campaign builder, write a campaign message that invites the candidate to book a Hiring Manager Interview. You can change the text on the meeting booking button by clicking inside the button and typing. 

Be sure to insert variables for the candidate’s name and any other relevant pieces of information to ensure the candidate receives a personalized experience. You can also add follow-up messages to remind candidates to book an interview by adding additional touchpoints to your campaign.


When you’ve completed your campaign message, click the ‘Next Step’ button (11), and then click the ‘Launch’ button on the next screen. 

From here, there are two ways you can add candidates to this campaign: manually, from the candidate profile, or using a recipe to automate sending of the campaign based on vacancy stage. 


Manually Adding Candidates to the Campaign

To manually add candidates to this campaign, navigate to the candidate profile and click the blue + button (1), and then select ‘Add to Campaign’ (2) from the menu that appears. 


Then, type your name into the ‘Filter by Creator’ drop-down (3) to find only campaigns created by you, and use the ‘Select a Campaign’ (4) drop-down to select the campaign you just created. Click the ‘Add to Campaign’ button (5), and the contact will be added to the campaign. 



Using a Recipe to add Candidates to the Campaign

Create a recipe with the below setup, to automatically add candidates to this campaign when they are moved to the relevant vacancy stage in a specific vacancy. 

Trigger: When Contact Vacancy Stage is Changed to [Select Relevant Vacancy Stage]
Filter: Vacancies is [Select Relevant Vacancy]
Action: Add to Campaign [Select Relevant Campaign] 



In Summary…

Arranging hiring manager interviews is one of the many ways that Booking Meetings in Beamery can make the process of scheduling meetings with candidates easy and efficient, leaving you with more time for nurturing those important candidate relationships.

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