How to Create and Use Templates in Beamery Campaigns [Campaigns version 1.0 only]

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Create email templates which you can quickly upload into a campaign. You can save plain text emails as templates, or upload your own HTML templates for newsletters or branded communications. We recommend saving messages that you send regularly as templates (e.g. rejection emails).

Table of Contents

Create and Save an Email Template Within the Campaign Builder
Create and Save a Template in Settings
How to Use a Template in a New Campaign
How to Manage your Templates

Create and Save an Email Template Within the Campaign Builder

1. You can save an email which you compose within a campaign. Simply click on the Template button below the email touch point editing window, and select Save Template. You can always return to view your saved library of email templates in your Settings menu.


Create Templates in Settings

1. You can also create and save an email template by navigating to the email template library in Settings. Click on the cog icon in the left hand navigation panel to open the settings menu, then select Email Templates from the settings sidebar.

2. Here, you can manage your existing email templates, and add new ones. Use the search and filter options to search for keywords in the template titles and filter by template owner. Click on the Add Email Template button in the top right of the page to begin creating a new template.



3. Begin creating your template with plain text and variables. You can use options within the toolbar to make additional customisations such as changing the font, colour or size of text. You can also edit in full page view.

4. Alternatively, you can upload HTML code into the code view allowing you to add branded content, for example newsletters, press releases or blog promotions. Simply click on Code View, which is the </> button located to the right of the toolbar.

5. Once you are satisfied with your email template and you have given the template a subject heading, click on the Save template button at the bottom of the template editing window.


How to Use a Template in a Campaign

1. When you have created and saved at least one email template in Beamery, you can load it into a new campaign at any point to save you time and standardise your candidate engagement.

2. To upload an existing email template into a campaign touch point, simply click on the 'Template' option at the bottom of the touch point editing window, and select 'Load Template'. Then choose the appropriate template from your library. Use the search and filter option available here to quickly find what you are looking for. Search for keywords in the template title and filter by template owner.



NOTE: Loading an email template will also include the subject heading for the email. We recommend reviewing this before making any further changes.


How to Manage Your Templates

1. To view and/or edit an email template, navigate to Settings by clicking on the cog icon in the left hand navigation panel. On the settings page, select 'Email Templates'. This will bring you to the template management page where you can view, edit or delete existing templates as well as adding new ones.

2. To open a template to make changes, hover your mouse over it and click Select.


3. Then, simply make and save any necessary changes.


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