How To Report on Vacancy Pipelines in Beamery

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Please note: this feature is no longer supported / available in the Beamery platform.

The Vacancy Pipeline report aggregates data across Vacancies, to provide you with visibility into where candidates are in your hiring process. Vacancy pipeline reports can be customized according to vacancy types, vacancy groups, Global Tags and owner. 

Reports are displayed according to vacancy stages and can be amended to display a bar chart, or funnel view. Any vacancy pipeline report can be exported as a CSV.

Table of Contents

Vacancy Pipeline Report Overview
Apply Vacancy Pipeline Report Filters
Funnel View
Stages History
Export Report


Vacancy Pipeline Report Overview

1. To access the Vacancy pipeline report, navigate to the Reporting tab at the left of your screen. This will take you to Beamery's full reporting suite. 


2. Choose the Insights tab from the top navigation bar and then select the "Vacancy Pipeline" option from the reports drop-down menu at the top left of your screen.


3. The Vacancy Pipeline report will appear featuring a bar chart.


4. The x-axis contains the vacancy stages across your vacancies and the aggregate number of candidates who sit in those vacancy stages. You can hover your mouse over each stage to get the exact number of candidates currently in that stage.


Apply Vacancy Pipeline Report Filters

1. You can apply filters to your vacancy pipeline report so that you can focus on certain types of vacancies or users. At the top of your screen within the vacancy pipeline report, you will see the following filters:

  1. Status - report on particular vacancies according to their status (open, hold, closed, cancelled, draft)
  2. Vacancy Group - report on vacancies within a specific vacancy group
  3. Global Tag - report on vacancies tagged with a particular global tag
  4. Owner - report on vacancies owned by a particular owner
  5. Vacancy - report on one particular vacancy

2. You can apply one or more of these filters to your pipeline report. Simply select your desired filters from the various drop-down menus and the chart will update in real time.


Funnel View

1. You can also present your vacancy pipeline report in a funnel view.


2. Simply select the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen and select "funnel".

3. Your data will now be presented in a funnel view, as shown below. 


Stages History

The Stages history view of the report allows you to see how many candidates were in each stage within the vacancy, during every month that the vacancy has been active.


Export Report

1. You can export your vacancy pipeline report as an image. Simply click the download button at the top right of your screen.

2. Your vacancy pipeline report will automatically download and be added to the "Downloads" folder on your desktop.



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