Smart Profile | Updating personal data

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Beamery profiles have a variety of personal data, including first and last name, email address, social links, etc. Most of this data can be updated or deleted on the profile at any time. 

In some cases though, deleting data is not possible. Users are only able to update the information. To understand the various use cases, it’s important to understand the concept of a unique identifier. A unique identifier is a piece of data that is unique to a specific contact. If this same data ends up on another contact, Beamery automatically detects a duplicate profile. The following data constitutes unique identifiers: 

Email address

Social links

ATD IDs (if applicable)

Beamery requires at least one unique identifier on a contact in order for it to be created. Therefore, users will not be able to delete the last unique identifier on a contact profile. At least one unique identifier must be associated with each contact. 

Instead, users can edit information if they believe it’s not accurate. For example, if a contact has an email address as the only unique identifier present and a user detects that this email address is wrong, they can update the address to the correct one, but they cannot delete the email address. 

Primary Email Address

The first email address that users add to a contact is marked as primary by default. A contact cannot have more than one primary email address. If a user adds another email address and marks it as primary, the first email address is automatically removed from being primary. Campaigns are sent to the primary email address the targeted contact had upon campaign creation.

Deleting a primary email address is possible unless it is a unique identifier. Primary is not a parameter that prevents users from deleting an email address. If a contact has 2 email addresses and the primary one is deleted, the other one automatically becomes the primary email address.