Contact Profile | Pools Tab

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The Pools tab offers an in-depth view of the Pools that a contact has been added to, seen from the convenience of their profile. To get to the Pool tab on the Beamery Profile, click on the word Pools beneath the profile header. 

The diagram that follows will detail all of the elements of the Pools Tab and how they are used.

a. Search Pools - Type all or part of a Pool’s name to search for a specific Pool. This can save you time if a contact is part of many  Pools. 

b. Pool Type - Pools are arranged by type in the Pools Tab. There are three available pool types: General, Sourcing and Event. Sourcing Pools are available to customers with the Exec Search module, and Event Pools are available to customers with the Events module. 

c. Minimized Pool - This is how a Pool will be shown in it’s minimized state. Click on the name of the Pool to be taken to the Pool page. Click Show to expand the Pool within this profile tab. Use the vertical ellipsis button to view the Pool, or remove the contact from the Pool.

d. Expanded Pool - After expanding a Pool by clicking Show, you will see this expanded Pool view. In this view, you can update the Pool Step for Event and Sourcing Pools, and view the date that a contact was added to the Pool.