Smart Profile | Attachments

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In the new Smart Profile, Beamery has improved the user experience of uploading and previewing attachments. Attachments are now located in the brand new Workspace.

Attachments Workspace

Beamery is introducing Workspace, our innovative shift to a side-panel navigation that compliments your workflow and interaction with the profile. 

  • This isn't just about easier access, it's about enabling a level of multitasking and productivity that transforms how you interact with Beamery.
  • With workspace open, you don’t need to juggle between tabs. It allows for seamless multitasking if you require referencing multiple tabs simultaneously.


With the new experience, you select the type of attachment before you upload it. You can also drag and drop your files on the dedicated area to upload even faster.


With the previous version of attachment, some users were unable to access the preview function due to security restrictions. To remove this issue, Beamery moved away from tools that could potentially be blocked by the end user. With the new Attachments, a user's browser will manage all document previews. All files that a browser can preview will be previewed in a new tab. Your ability to view an attachment will depend on your browser, but in general, all modern browsers should allow the preview of most common file types, including PDF, JPG, and PNG. 

Preview of DOCX and DOC files is not supported by most browsers.

If a file cannot be previewed, Beamery offers a download option. With this solution, users can also configure their browser settings and decide whether to trigger preview or download on click.