Smart Profile | Notes Tab

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The new Beamery Smart Profile includes a new tab for Notes. This tab allows you to capture and store summaries for each candidate profile, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. This way you and your team members can easily come back and review your notes anytime you need to. 

Users can set the Note type to General, Pre-screening, Screening, or Interview. They then can specify the activity, and include any information needed in the Note body to help track the progress of this profile. Users can also @ mention a team member by name to notify them of a new Note. They can also relate the Note back to a specific Pool or Vacancy to allow for simple workflows. And, they have the ability to keep the note confidential or set it to public.

Saves Notes on the contact profile can be filtered by Type, Activity, Creator, Vacancy, and Pools. Users can also edit or delete their Notes at any time. And, keep the conversation going by replying to colleagues Notes right in the profile. 

Where to find the information you're looking for that was once on the Timeline tab:

Type New Location
Direct Emails Inbox Tab
Campaigns Inbox Tab
SMS Inbox Tab
Notes Notes Tab
Logged Activities Notes Tab
Updates to the Contact  History Log
Task Creation History Log