Old Vacancies List Decommission FAQ

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Vacancies list helps you manage and stay on top of the high priority vacancies, build healthy candidate pipelines, and manage applicants.

As of 8 April 2024, old vacancies lists functionality will be decommissioned and will no longer be available in the product. 

The below FAQ list will help you to navigate the change.

Question  Clarification from Beamery 
What are the benefits of utilizing the new vacancies list over the old one?

Full AA compliance will help organizations stay updated with regulations and will make Beamery experience inclusive of any individual in their teams.


The enhanced filter capabilities will provide multi-select functionalities compared to the old experience, in which users could not select multiple options within one filter.


Beamery product will preserve user filter selection meaning users do not need to shape the list of vacancies from the start. The default view of the vacancies list will be based on the user accessing it. Whether you are a Recruiter, a Sourcer or a Hiring Manager, you will first see your vacancies. The “Department” filter was introduced in the tool. 


The enhanced sorting capabilities. Beamery introduced two new sorting functions (“Due Date” and “High Priority First”) to help recruiters prioritize the vacancies that require the most attention.


“First Opened” and “Last Opened” filters were removed from the selection. Beamery will replace these filters with “Sorting by Vacancies” with the “Highest and Lowest Number” of contacts and candidates in the future. This will help Recruiters and Sources manage their pipelines more effectively. The “Location” filter will be added to the product in the future.


If you have AI Talent Match activated, you will be able to see “Suggested Contacts” during the pre-vacancy stages so you can easily understand who might be a good fit for the job you are managing. This will help you save time when looking for the most suitable candidate and avoid applying multiple filters in specific pools. The “Suggested Contacts” functionality will surface any potential good-fit contacts across the Beamery product.


In addition, the Beamery product will provide “Suggested Actions” for each vacancy. It will help fasten the process of collaboration with the relevant Candidates and deliver the best results enabled by the tool’s intelligence.


Beamery surfaced the “Vacancy Calibration” functionality in the new vacancies list to minimize the path to value when it comes to defining the ideal candidate.


What is not part of the new vacancies list?

Beamery will decommission the Vacancy Funnel. It will be replaced in the future with more comprehensive vacancy reporting and insights. 



Can customers opt to have the new vacancies list and still have the Vacancy Funnel?

This will not be possible.