Beamery Extension Release Notes v8.31.3

Last Updated:

Released October 4, 2023

Type: Enhancement

  • Users can now confidently edit values in input fields within the Custom Fields tab in profile view. Upon refreshing the page, the edited values will be correctly persisted, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience.
  • Users can now confidently select and retain both uppercase and lowercase profile tags in the Create Contact view. Upon refreshing the page, all selected profile tags, regardless of case, will be correctly retained in the sourcing settings.

Type: Bug Fixes

  • The bug causing the XML error page for old PDF resumes has been fixed, ensuring that PDFs now open seamlessly in a new tab as expected. For Docx files, the issue has been addressed, and they are now downloadable to the local system. Users can enjoy a smoother experience when accessing both PDF and Docx resumes through the extension.