B11.2.0 - Release Notes

Last Updated:

Release Date: July 19, 2023


Type: Enhancement

  • Enhancement to augment API documentation for ListContacts endpoint. Now includes an explanation, a code sample and a recommended approach for iterating over a list of more than 10,000 contacts

Bulk Actions

Type: Enhancement

  • Enhancement to migrate the "delete one option from a multi select custom field" bulk action to the contact service.
  • Enhancement to migrate the "delete contact" bulk action to the contact service.


Type: Bug Fix

  • Fix to remove user’s name and other extraneous data from un/subscribe screen.


Type: Enhancement

  • Security enhancement to protect users that use a password to log in from particular session hijacking scenarios. This does not affect users who login using SSO. Users that change their Beamery password will now get logged out of the platform, and will need to log back in with their new password.

People Grid

Type: Enhancement

  • Enhancement to the Match Score column feature in Vacancy Grid and Suggested Contacts. This can now be put into one of several configurations for customers who require a specific recruiter experience where AI is concerned for compliance purposes:

    • Match Score column always visible, with no option to hide it (the default);
    • Match Score column always hidden, with no option to show it;
    • Match Score column visible by default, with option to show or hide it in the Show Columns sidebar.

    Speak with your CSM to change the default state of this feature.


Type: Bug Fix/Enhancement

  • Fixes User Activity reports that were time zone dependent. Users querying data in two different time zones would see different values. Reports are now UTC and time zone-independent.


Type: Bug Fix

  • Edge case where if a company has reached their plan limit then we would not allow enabling a Hiring Manager user.


Type: Housekeeping

  • Updated “Custom Domains” label to "Custom Email Domains”. Label change only.