B11.1.4 - Release Notes

Last Updated:


Type: Enhancement

  • Enhances the GET users endpoint to include an isDeleted boolean parameter to also return a list of deleted users. Fixes a bug which did not allow use of both isActive and email in the same request.

Type: Config

  • Increases the Public API RPS to 350 to match Beamery Frontier RPS.

Type: Housekeeping

  • Updates forms/survey attachment uploads to come from the Convert integrations API user.


Type: Housekeeping

  • The Hiring Manager role is now behind an ACL and is not included in the company seat count.


Type: Housekeeping

  • Customer Labs participants for the new homepage will be able to opt-in into the new home-page experience


Type: Housekeeping

  • Code-level change to remove a superfluous call to create a GDPR activity.
  • Infrastructure change to allow asynchronous processing of Convert forms to be deployed to production.
  • Replace an old parameter used within SendGrid with its modern counterpart. No impact.