Beamery Extension Release Notes v8.25.13 v8.25.17

Last Updated:

Type: Enhancement

  • Extension/A11y

1. When navigating through the extension, the navigation order is now logical.

2. In case of input errors, error suggestions are now provided.

3. The contrast between UI elements is improved.

4. Improved the intractability with the extension when zooming up to 400%.

5. Added missing labels to UI elements.

  • Autopilot 2.0

Introducing the summary screen in Autopilot 2.0. This will give users an informative and an intuitive summary of the autopilot run on a particular page.

Type: Bug Fix

  • Auto-sync issue for sourcing settings 

When multiple LinkedIn tabs are opened, the change in sourcing settings in one tab is now reflected in other open tabs.