Beamery Extension Release Notes v8.25.13

Last Updated:

Type: Enhancement

  • Extension/A11y (Accessibility)

    • Accessible button labels have been added to the Create Contact page for: ‘Add to pool’, ‘Add a custom field’ and ‘Remove Attachment’.

    • When navigating the extension with VO enabled the page titles will be read out.

    • Proper labelling of ‘Close’ buttons in modal view (in Profile View page) for ‘Edit pools’, ‘Vacancies’, ‘custom fields’.

    • Overlapping issue around text field to enter ‘Notes‘ while zooming up to 400%

    • Ability to access email link using keyboard shortcut

    • Improvements around markup structure of social links in the contact details edit page

    • Proper definition of page languages to ENGLISH

    • Page regions will be identified with ARIA landmarks.

    • Iframe pages loaded via the extension will be appropriately titled.

  • Extension/ Disable Unused Buttons

    • Some buttons in the contact details edit page needed to be disabled as they were unused by users. Eg : Edit social link

  • Extension/ non-linkedin url / creating a profile shows a 'learn more' link that should route to the correct page

    • Profiles created using non LinkedIn URLs will show a link on top of the extension that will route to help page

Type: Bug Fix

  • Extension failing when creating contacts outside of LinkedIn

    • While beaming contacts using pages like Github, Gmail, confluence etc, the extension will no longer fail and contact creation will run as expected until a refresh is made. 

  • Extension/  Deleted Global tags 

    • While beaming contacts with deleted global tags in sourcing settings from the old extension, the new extension will be able to create the contact without errors.

  • Extension/  Messaging issue on InMail when messaging between different contacts

    • While messaging contact A on LinkedIn with profile B loaded on extension, the message was routed to contact B. This will now route to contact A correctly.