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Gain valuable insights from the rich data you acquire through Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management platform. Beamery’s intelligence takes data from across the talent lifecycle and brings you powerful insights and are easily visualized for you to take action.

  • View user interactions down to the week to gain a more granular understanding of what is going on and how to drive adoption. Filter by group such as team or seniority. Plus, there is no time limit so you can look at patterns of behaviors over time. 
  • Understand how you’re building your database of contact. Check how complete the profiles of your contact are, for example, do you have education and experience information?
  • Track how the contact came to be. Such as uploaded from your ATS or a CSV, or using our Beamery Extension. Better understand how your source contacts to change behaviors.

Insights will be able to get the most value out of your Beamery experience. Confidently make informed decisions, track behaviors, and drive adoption. Learn more about Beamery Insights below.

*Please note: Beamery Insights is not available to all users. 


Table of Contents

Getting Started
User Insights
Contact Insights
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Getting Started

Use the navigation bar on the left to switch between different reports within Beamery Insights or to log out of the system altogether. 


Across the top of the reports pages you will find the following controls -


a. Date filter - filter the results on the page to a specific date range. There are filter options for all timeframes as well as advanced options like the ability to string multiple date filters together - ensuring you get the right data at the right time.


b. Team filter - choose to filter your results based on teams. This is a multi-select field, allowing you to filter for as many teams as you like. As a reminder, teams are defined in Beamery under settings. 

c. Country filter - if your organization uses countries as a user identifier, you can filter your results based on country here. 

User Insights

The User Insights page allows you a high-level overview of which users are in Beamery, how often, and what actions they are taking while in the platform. Find an explanation on each of the charts below. 


  1. Company Overview - see an overview into your total users. The left shows the total number of licensed users (neither disabled nor deleted) and the right shows the breakdown of the number of users licensed, deleted, and disabled. 
  2. Licensed Users - the left and center charts in this section show a view of user activity over the last 30 days. Left is the number of licensed users active in Beamery in the last 30 days, and center is a breakdown of the number of times those licensed and active users logged into Beamery in the last 30 days. The far right chart shows when the last login of all licensed users was. In this chart, the blue segment will represent the number in the far left chart (licensed users active in the last 30 days).


  3. Active Users over time - track usage and adoption over time. Recognize trends and spot opportunities for improvement. You can also drill into any data point to see exactly the number of users active on a specific day or week.                                                 insights_drill2.png insights_drill.png

  4. Raw User Data - see the raw data for user activity including user role, status, last login and more. 


Totals - find totals for the number of activities users are performing in Beamery. Here you will see the total number of contacts created and the number of contact updates made (5). Note that contact updates made (top right) will include multiple updates made to a single contact. Below you will also see the number of notes created, inmails logged and direct messages sent (6) over the time period you’ve selected.


  1. User Activities over time - here you will see a visual representation of the previous charts over the time period you’ve selected. Click on the name of an activity in the legend to hide or show it in the chart. Explore the data further by clicking a data point and drilling down into the results to specific metrics by day. 
  1. User Activities raw - see the raw data for the previous charts to track usage by individual users over the time period selected. 


Contact Insights

Contact insights gives you a laser view into the growth of your database and the completeness of its contents. Gain knowledge on which sources provide the most complete contact profiles, CRM growth over time and more. 


  1. CRM Overview - on the left is the total of New New contacts created in your database over the time period selected at the top of the page. Net new contacts are those that have not been deleted, anonymized, archived, or merged. On the right is a view into the sources of the contacts created. Click into any of these sources to see more information on where these contacts originated from. 
  2. Contact Completeness - see a visualization of how complete the data in your contacts is over the time period selected. On the left is an overview of the level of completeness by source for all contacts and on the right is a more detailed view of the completeness categories, also broken down by source. Click to drill into any of these charts.


  3. Contact Event Changes - track event changes (like contacts anonymized, merged, deleted and more) with this chart. Spot trends by activating or deactivating each event in the legend. 
  4. Contact Base Over Time - see how your database has grown over the time period selected with this running net new graph. Click on any data point to drill into the data by weeks or days.

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